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 16-17 November. Paris.

The FBC Annual Defence Conference provides a discussion for the bilateral defence relationship, with key speakers from the military, government, industry and academia. Split into four workshops, the focus this year will largely be on joint counter-terrorism initiatives, cyber security and intelligence sharing.

Workshop 1: In Between

  • What effect will Brexit have on Franco-British relations and how can we ensure continued cooperation?
  • In which specific sectors could bilateral relationships be intensified? What role can our German partner play? How can France and the UK best coordinate with the US?
  • What areas in defence should be preserved in the negotiation process in Brussels?

Workshop 2: Ensemble, C’est Tout?

  • Should the Lancaster House treaties seek to align signatories’ military expenditure, would this make joint action feasible?
  • Which aspects of the bilateral partnership could Brexit threaten?
  • Can France and Britain continue to work together to in military advances?

Workshop 3: Splendid Isolation Not An Option

  • Can France and Britain still talk of a defence culture in Europe? Has Europe lost its Franco-British driving force?
  • Will Britain still be involved in European defence instruments?
  • What will be the new channel for strategic convergence between Lancaster House partners?
  • Are there Franco-British strategic priorities alongside US policy?

Workshop 4: #DefeatingTheEvil

  • What value can the Franco-British partnership add in the fight against terrorism?
  • Are France and Britain ready to deploy together and can this be used to counter groups such as Boko Haram?
  • Is the CJEF still the flagship of Franco-British interoperability?
  • Faced with the challenges of insecurity, is there sufficient intelligence sharing?